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photoreszedMy name is Miranda Meyer and I am currently attending the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) in Monterey, CA to pursue a Masters in International Education Management and Public Administration. Looking for the right cross between international education and development can be a little tricky, but in January 2017, I stumbled upon the perfect fit.

I was initially interested in working with RJF because they focused on Nicaragua, a country where I have previously lived and worked but my interest solidified when I learned how RJFs Fellowship Model works with rural communities to identify conflicts and work together to find sustainable solutions. My experience with RJF has been extremely rewarding both professionally and personally as RJF has made my Graduate Consultancy not only a chance to expand upon my resume but also to grow in my own personal development.

SistCAPSWhat happens when you put three motivated Undergraduate Students together with visionary community leaders (RJF Fellows) to address an education need around water management? SistCAPS, an innovative computer management tool designed to help rural communities in Nicaragua to have the tools, resources and training that they need to effectively manage their community water resources. 

Screen Shot 2018 01 24 at 4.49.18 PMKids in Las Horquetas, Nicaragua are all smiles these days. Why? Because they have their very own safe, colorful pre-school - a space that is all theirs!

In 2017, RJF worked with Fellow Byron Altamirano to make his communities dream of having a safe space and a welcoming place in which the young children in the village could learn to write their first letters and words a reality. Byron views the pre-school as both the place where the youngest children begin their education and also as the heart of the community.

TeachertrainingThe millions of teachers in Central America are critical change agents in efforts to improve education quality and raise student learning levels.

In 2015, at the request of a group of local teachers, we implemented our first teacher training workshop to provide teachers from remote communities in Nicaragua with targeted professional development. The training was a huge success, word travelled fast and we started receiving requests from teachers in other communities asking if they could participate.


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