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On December 3rd, 2017 we will be holding a fundraiser at Rancho Royale Stables in Oak View, CA. The RJF Horse Show invites the equestrian community of Ventura County to enter and compete in ground classes and jumping classes. There will be a BBQ and plenty of fun and games. All are welcome!

TeachertrainingThe millions of teachers in Central America are critical change agents in efforts to improve education quality and raise student learning levels.

In 2015, at the request of a group of local teachers, we implemented our first teacher training workshop to provide teachers from remote communities in Nicaragua with targeted professional development. The training was a huge success, word travelled fast and we started receiving requests from teachers in other communities asking if they could participate.

culture global citizenship on the rise 10137 t12At RJF, we are firm believers in engaging students in meaningful community-based learning. We believe that education must be transformative and bring shared values to life. It must help people to forge more just, peaceful, tolerant and inclusive societies. And, it must give people the understanding, skills and values they need to cooperate in resolving the interconnected challenges of the 21st century. What better way to learn how to make positive change then to dive in, get your hands dirty, and see the impact first hand.

In Nicaragua, we support undergraduate students from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) to

RJF SR canceled Thank you to all who have donated to and/or participated in our annual East-To-West Scavenger Race. We have had so much fun putting the race together in past years and enjoyed collaborating with our community, local businesses and past participants. This year, we decided not to hold the event so that we could focus the manpower of our small team on some important strategic restructuring. We appreciate the enthusiastic outpour from past years participants and hope we can continue the event in future years. When we need a good laugh we still enjoy looking at the fun that was had last year!

2016 East-To-West Scavenger Race Photo Album


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